Welcome to BrainComm Strategy + Design

BrainComm is a full service branding, strategy and design company that believes in balancing creativity with business practicality.

In a world full of clutter and noise, we strive to make things clear and direct, tackling big challenges and making complex ideas easier to understand. Our philosophy merges business and creative objectives in an intelligent way that moves design beyond just an aesthetic exercise. And by applying a pragmatic approach, we strive to develop creative strategies that meet your business objectives and deliver strong ROI.

Alan Brain
Principal, Creative Director
Pam Brain
Principal, Brand Strategist
Perry Chua
Sr Associate, Design Director
Victoria Gray
Sr Associate, Marketing Strategy
Leah Perry
Senior Associate, Digital Strategy
Kate White
Design Associate


Effective marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It requires a carefully researched and constructed strategy on which to build. We are specialists in the art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use.


At BrainComm we believe that good design is more than making something look pretty. Good design is about communicating an idea clearly, simply and intelligently. It has a job to do. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if it looks arrestingly beautiful too. Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves.

We specialize in four key areas:

Brand Development

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Digital Strategy

Design & Creative Execution

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