Off the Rail Brewing

Brand Identity, Website, Packaging

In order to align the brand promise (delicious beer!) with the brand design, the packaging had to be engaging and playful. It needed to tell the unique story behind Off the Rail’s approach to crafting beer. The craft beer drinker wants to know more about the type of hops used. They want to know the IBU index. From the moment the consumer notices the product on the shelf, to the moment it’s in their hands, the narrative continues to unfold.

“To put it simply, the brief  provided was this: when someone drinks our beer, I’d like them to say, “Wow, this is delicious!” Perry and the team captured the essence of what Off The Rail Brewing is all about—with a compelling package design that makes you take a closer look. A memorable design that clearly communicates the characteristics of each unique carefully-crafted beer.”

Steve Forsyth, Founder, OTR