April 25, 2017 / By Alan Brain

Our Shiny New Website

Our Shiny New Website

Well, finally, here it is. Our new website. It’s funny how, in this business, it’s always your own marketing materials that get pushed on to the back burner. This one’s been a long time coming—I must admit—but I think it’s been well worth the time and effort.

As you can see, we’ve added a couple of people to our line up. Perry Chua is a very experienced designer and art director who’s worked with the likes of Wow Branding and Spring advertising. In addition to his glaringly obvious talents he’s a good friend of ours, a very nice guy and we’ve been looking for an opportunity to work with him on a more permanent basis for a long time.

Victoria Gray, who will be working with Pam on brand definition and development, and marketing planning and strategy, is also a long-time friend and collaborator. Victoria worked at a number of well-regarded agencies for 18 years and has also worked client-side for 7 years. Her experience on ‘both sides of the fence’ has given her  a 360° perspective and the kind of knowledge that helps businesses grow.

This year has started well for us especially with Menlo Security, our Silicone Valley client. We’re currently working through a brand refresh which will extend to all of this years marketing materials. They’re great people to work with and who doesn’t like the occasional trip to the Bay area?

2017 promises to be a landmark year for the new and improved BRAIN strategy + design and I for one am looking forward to working with the new team.

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